Web Ones

Why do you have to pay a larger amount of money for lesser services?
Why do you have to wait for weeks or months to complete your websites?
Why do you have to be headache because your websites are not functioning?

With our long time experience in web design, we have now the perfect solution for you.

So, what is Web Ones?
Web Ones is web design and hosting services – Fast / Inexpensive / Beautiful – Based upon the best platform of open source: WordPress.

How long will it take to complete? 
Only after 24 hours, your website will be ready for content input. Content can be text, images, video, audio.

How to input content and update?
1. We will provide you a manual on how to input your content.
2. Or, we can input content for you and charge some fee. Normally, the fee is US$20 per page, including text, images, audio and video (you provide).

What are the prices?
Only US$120, yes, only US$120! This price includes one International domain [.com, .net, .org] for one year, one year hosting. Free setup. Exclude content input service charges.

What after the first year? 
Each year will be US$65. Exclude charges for content input and update.

What is the quality of website? 
In terms of programming, we use the WordPress core system which is one of the most powerful systems. In terms of design, we will guide you to choose from thousands of beautiful web templates.

Please contact us for more information. We provide our services to worldwide clients:
Tel: +84 903 355 908 [Also Viber, Whatsapp]
Email: WebOnes@nhancorp.com